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Wealth Management


Wealth management brings your financial blueprint to life and ensures you stay on track to a secure financial future.  Below are a few examples of people who might need wealth management service.

  • Executive/Business Owner: You are at the top of your game at work with sufficient income to meet your needs and also maximize retirement savings.  Your employer provides a pension plan and awards you restricted stock or employee stock options as long term incentives.  Retirement is years away with children to get through college and weddings to plan.
  • Nearing Retirement: You are contemplating retirement and wondering if your savings are enough to sustain you for your lifetime.  You have a vague idea what Social Security and Medicare provide but have questions about when to apply for these benefits, whether these programs will be there when you need them, and what to do if retired but not yet eligible for these benefits.  If you own your business, you have questions about transitioning ownership to others as you enter retirement.
  • Young Professional/Entrepreneur: You are in the early stages of starting your business or professional practice and have precious little time to devote to personal financial matters.

In each case above, you managed to accumulate a significant nest egg.  Life is busy and you are feeling the pressure to meet your conflicting obligations.  The personal financial affairs you manage on your own are drifting to the bottom of the priority list and you now that, left unattended, they could come back to haunt you.  You got where you are today through hard work, sacrifice and tenacity, and you can't afford to lose ground.  You are a good delegator and you need a trusted advisor to carry on what you worked so diligently to build.

You need a wealth manager to guide you in making sound, logical decisions when faced with financial issues such as:

  • Best execution strategy for your executive compensation, such as employee stock options, deferred income plans, and pensions
  • Best strategy for a concentrated employer stock position to include Net Unrealized Appreciation of shares in a 401(k) or profit sharing plan
  • Employ a proactive approach to reducing income taxes on current and deferred income that includes a tax-efficient portfolio
  • Develop an asset allocation plan encompassing both retirement and nonretirement assets that achieves your savings goal and keeps you wealthy
  • Guide your transition into retirement by analyzing pension payout options and supplementing pension income with income from your portfolio
  • Preserve wealth for heirs via a carefully formulated estate plan that minimizes estate tax exposure and achieves the outcome you desire

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience:  we successfully manage wealth for executives at Fortune 500 companies, doctors, business owners, and retirees worldwide
  • Comprehensive Advice: our approach fosters innovation and provides flexibility to quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances
  • Personalized Service: unlike larger firms, you enjoy direct access to our advisors who take a personal interest in the welfare of you and your family
  • Collaborative: we are the quarterback who coordinates your financial strategy with other professionals ensuring a fully integrated approach

Our Wealth Management Process

Ready to get started?  Let us be your guide!