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Our Core Principles

Who we are is partially defined by what we are not:

  • We are not a mega-firm where you get lost in the shuffle with a different voice on the line every time you call
  • If you want an advisor who wears designer suits, drives a fancy car and lives in a mansion that you paid for, that's not us
  • If you want an advisor whose office is befitting of a king that you also paid for, try again
  • If your current advisor spends more time talking on radio or TV than talking with you, then maybe it is time for change

We are a firm founded by two financial services professionals and former senior military officers that is based on the core principles of Integrity, Commitment, and Experience 


  • We strive to earn your trust every day by always placing your interests ahead of our own and doing exactly what we say we will do
  • Your assets are safely held by a third party custodian with dual confirmations and statements
  • We operate transparently so you always know what to expect, whether it be our fee structure or how we manage investments 


  • Our values-based process focuses on your unique circumstances providing customized strategies that fit your situation
  • We tend towards a patient, conservative approach, but we are always on the prowl for opportunities that benefit you
  • Our small size, big-competence approach ensures you receive the personalized attention you deserve


  • Our senior level advisors have over 40 years experience in the financial services industry
  • We serve clients with varying degrees of wealth who appreciate working with thoughtful, competent advisors
  • Our credentials and professional affiliations give credence to our education, training, and adherence to the highest ethical standards

We are Trinity Wealth Management LLC, a fee-only, independent Registered Investment Advisor serving clients worldwide.  We are a relatively small firm with big-firm capabilities.  From young couples making their first investment to Fortune 500 company executives exercising their stock options, we take the guesswork out of sound investing and customized financial planning.   We provide you peace of mind and free you to focus on those things you are passionate about.

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