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How to Choose an Advisor

When you choose a financial advisor, you take a giant leap of faith.  You place your financial welfare in the advisor's hands and hope you made the right decision.  You must consider many factors when choosing an advisor, such as:

  • How is the advisor compensated and the level of transparency offered on this and other issues
  • Whether broad-based, holistic financial planning is provided or does the advisor simply want to manage your money
  • Has the advisor met the highest standards of education, training and competency as evidenced by professional credentials

At Trinity Wealth Management, we work diligently to ensure the trust you place in us is earned every day. Here are a few of the reasons why we believe clients choose and stay with us:

  • We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor held to a fiduciary standard requiring that we always act in your best interest
  • We are fee-only meaning our only source of revenue is from client fees and thus our advice is not sale driven, but client centered
  • We are connected. We maintain a network of outside professionals ready to assist in the implementation of your financial strategies
  • All client assets we manage are held by our third party custodian, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. or by another third party custodian
  • We are experienced and credentialed. Many in our industry claim to be financial planners or investment advisors, but are not held to the rigorous professional training and ethical standards required of those who hold professional designations
  • We have earned our clients' trust. They are confident in the advice we give and secure in the knowledge that we do what we say we will do!

We compiled a list of questions we think you should ask a potential advisor with our answers here.

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